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Hi, I'm Kat. 19. Tx. Student-Feminist-Fangirl-Hedonist
 I blog Marvel, Supernatural, wrestling, MCU and it's actors, Klaine, Loki, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Avengers, Cumberbatch, Hiddleston, Eva Green, Hannibal, Doctor Who, beautiful men, gorgeous women, and more. -I am not spoiler free.
…while “the female gaze” is attracted by things like a naked, sweaty Chris Evans or Idris Elba, it’s also attracted by things like: men smiling in sweaters, men crying (DON’T LIE TUMBLR), barefoot fragile Sebastian Stan in the rain on Political Animals, men holding babies, men speaking foreign languages, Mark Ruffalo, and a whole bunch of weird stuff on Ao3 that I don’t even wanna get into. And that’s just “the female gaze as it pertains to men.”
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dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough

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"MY BABIES" I scream at a group of men that are actually older than me

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Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.
Gillian Flynn (via rabbitinthemoon)
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i can finally be who i am 


i can finally be who i am 

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For angerina! 


For angerina

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doctor who + text posts night vale tweets | part 2/? (rtd edition)


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You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is. She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet." - J.K. Rowling.

If the reveal had been that Petunia was a witch ~ Several years after the war, Harry tracks his aunt down to confront her with what he witnessed in the pensieve.

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So, I have this headcanon that on Fred and George’s first day of Hogwarts, when Fred was called for sorting, George went up instead, and the hat realised, and told him off. George ran back to Fred sniggering, and the kids found it hilarious, and the teachers just rolled their eyes/facepalmed at what they’d have to put up with for the next 7 years. 

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